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Everyone and their problems are different. Are you ready to change?

Solving a problem is a journey that involves investment. I work with clients and together we develop a route map to achieving the emotional change you need. It sometimes takes bravery, a development of self-awareness and open mindedness to find a solution. Challenging yourself is part of being different and solving problems. The same old same old hasn’t worked in the past and it probably won’t work in the future. Being scared, apprehensive or nervous is normal. Change towards a better life is where the magic happens, as you learn new and exciting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours about yourself and others. Who are you? Do you know? You already have what it takes to be different. You just don’t know it yet. Are you willing to change? Then you are my ideal client, and I look forward to meeting you!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy
& Coaching

For your emotional health and wellbeing

I can help you with issues like confidence, weight loss, anxiety and stress, fears and phobias and many more emotional issues.

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Helping you develop yourself and your business

Success is no accident. It takes planning and the right mind-set. I work with the self employed, business owners and professionals to achieve more and most importantly enjoy it.

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And more..

I am available to speak at events such as networking, training or business away days. A pool of inspirational talks designed to engage, provoke thought and interaction on personal wellbeing and business mind-set. For example, What has Tracking Tigers got to do with business success? Ask me!

Coming soon my new book ‘Anxiety and You’.
Watch this space.

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Be more in control of your own mind. Your mind is more powerful than you know, and the first step to being different is imagining what you want in your future. Download this hypnotherapy MP3 and begin your journey right now.



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