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Most people find it hard to sort their own problems. You can waste a lot of time and effort trying, or you can come and see me. I’m Sue Roberts, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in Burnham, Slough, Berkshire. I’m trained to help people like you solve your problem.

The thing about having a problem is sometimes it is the very problem that is stopping you solving it! Being stressed is no state to be in to change, is it? Or lacking in confidence can make you feel incompetent at all sorts of things, so no wonder you are struggling. And if you are anxious or have a fear or phobia, well, you can tell me how hard life can be sometimes.

See my video where I reveal my secret to solving your challenges

Struggling on is no way to live. Especially if there is a solution that benefits you, your family and gets you a better, more successful, happier life.

Contact me 07721 410813 to have a chat or book an appointment.

The menu sections above are there to help you with more information about how your particular problem, and gives tips and techniques for you to try for yourself.

If your problem is not listed, then call or email me and we can talk about your particular problem, I’ll give you an honest answer if I can help.

I am a fully qualified and insured Cognitive Hypnotherapist which utilises approaches from  NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TFT and EFT.

I’m a graduate of the respected Quest Institute, and so trained by Trevor Silvester.

I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy ( NCH) , and abide by their Code of Ethics & Conduct.

I am also currently the Ethics Director for the NCH.

I contribute to BBC Radio Berkshire, giving ‘Expert Comment’ on health and emotional issues. Here is a link to Anne Diamond’s blog, where she talks about one of my visits Anne Diamond’s Blog BBC Radio Berks .

I write for a variety of publications, most recently appearing in Natural Health magazine, Reveal, Dial magazine, Pride magazine and Slim at Home.


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